WTA Urges FCC to End Current Extension of Rules for STIR/SHAKEN Compliance

On December 12, WTA responded to the FCC’s Notice of Inquiry on caller ID authentication for non-IP networks.  In its comments to the FCC, WTA urges it to terminate the continuing extension in Sections 64.6303(a) and 64.6304(d) of the Rules for STIR/SHAKEN compliance by non-IP networks because the complementary non-IP network standards issued by ATIS – specifically the Out-of-Band standard (ATIS-1000096) and the Non-IP In- Band standard (ATIS-1000095) – are fully developed and finalized and the underlying equipment and software necessary to implement them is reasonably available on the commercial market.

Beginning the phase-out of the non-IP network extension on June 30, 2023, would not only result in closure of the remaining gap in the FCC’s caller ID authentication system but also would advance the ongoing transition to the ultimate future IP network. Also, increased implementation of STIR/SHAKEN will avoid the danger of increasing call completion problems affecting rural and other small service providers and the resulting undermining of the reasonably comparable service goals of Section 254(b) of the Communications Act.