WTA Provides Comments to FCC on Title II Regulation of Broadband

Today, WTA filed comments with the FCC in response to its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on reclassifying broadband Internet access service from an information service to a telecommunications service regulated under Title II of the Communications Act.

WTA opposes the proposed forbearance from assessing USF contributions on broadband providers and Section 251/252 interconnection rules. arguing that broadband providers should contribute to USF and interconnection rules are needed in the broadband environment. The comments also note that RLECs, in general, do not engage in blocking or throttling of legal content on the Internet and do not engage in paid prioritization of traffic, which the NRPM seeks to prohibit. In addition, WTA requests simplification and clarification of the scope and requirements of any new Title II cybersecurity obligations imposed upon RLEC ISPs.