WTA Supports FCC Move to 100/20 Mbps and Higher for Broadband Speed Goals

Today, WTA responded to the FCC’s Notice of Inquiry into its annual assessment concerning the “availability of advanced telecommunications capability to all Americans.” WTA stated that universal broadband deployment constitutes the essential prerequisite for progress toward Section 706’s advanced telecommunications capability goals, including the other goals of affordability, adoption, availability and equitable access. WTA supports the FCC’s proposed fixed broadband speed benchmark of 100/20 Mbps as a temporary transitional measure and commends the FCC for recognizing that both downstream and upstream broadband speed demands and usage are growing rapidly beyond 100/20 Mbps, and that adoption of a long-term fixed broadband speed goal of 1 Gbps/500 Mbps or better is needed.

WTA also recommends the FCC re-examine its principle of “technological neutrality” and to update it to include consideration of long-term differences in the advantages and disadvantages of various technologies.