WTA Responds to FCC’s NOI on BGP Integrity

On April 11, WTA responded to the FCC’s Notice of Inquiry seeking comments on the vulnerabilities threatening the security and integrity of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and how best to address them.

In its comments, WTA said that the FCC’s “most effective and efficient role in cybersecurity matters would be to advise voice and broadband service providers of available cybersecurity resources and to warn them of the current tactics being employed by entities engaging in cyberwarfare and cybercriminal activities that specifically threaten the reliability and resiliency of the nation’s communication infrastructure.” However, it “should not adopt regulations that require service providers to implement specific cybersecurity technologies, equipment or practices. Such specific regulation is not likely to achieve regulatory clarity because it unfortunately operates far too slowly to reliably and materially assist in the prevention or minimization of changing modes of cyberattack.”