WTA Joins Industry and Public Interest Organizations in Asking for Extension of Time in Future of USF Proceeding

On December 20, WTA joined with other industry organizations and public interest groups in asking the FCC for a 30-day extension of the comment deadline and a 45-day extension of the reply comment deadline in the Future of USF proceeding.  The FCC released a Notice of Inquiry on December 15 asking for public comment by January 18 on the options of the Commission for improving its effectiveness in achieving the universal service goals for broadband in light of the additional funding for broadband infrastructure buildout and adoption recently provided by Congress.

The request for extension of time notes that USF is “one of the nation’s most important tools for connecting Americans, especially low-income, rural, and Tribal communities, with critical telecommunications services…and that more time is necessary to provide a robust record because the issues as to which the FCC seeks comment are extremely complex and the stakes of getting this right are high.”