WTA Files Comments in Support of Petition to Waive Certain ACP Rules

Today, WTA filed comments in response to a Public Notice asking for comment on a NTCA request for waiver of rules requiring small broadband providers to terminate broadband service to certain Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)/Lifeline customers, specifically those who are not assessed any out-of-pocket payment due to the application of their benefits, because such customers have not used their broadband service during a rolling 30-day period.

In its filing, WTA argues: 1) that the costs for small providers of monitoring customers for non-usage is unduly burdensome and may discourage some companies from participating in the program; 2) terminating service for customers who might simply not be using their service for one reason or another would harm the very customers the program is intended to help; and 3) the opportunities for small broadband providers to cheat the system are relatively minute compared to companies that supply low-cost “burner” cell phones, which is the class of carriers the rules were originally designed to address.