WTA Discusses Modernization of ACAM and CAF-BLS/HCLS USF Mechanisms With FCC

This week, WTA met with staff from the offices of FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel and Commissioners Brendan Carr, Nathan Simington, and Geoffrey Starks to discuss the pending Enhanced Alternative Connect America Cost Model rulemaking, as well as the need for the corresponding modification and upgrade of the Connect America Fund – Broadband Loop Support and High Cost Loop Support programs.

WTA urged the FCC to move forward expeditiously, and before NTIA’s BEAD grants are allocated and distributed, with the adoption and implementation of Enhanced ACAM changes that would accelerate the pace and strengthen incentives for broadband expansion along with parallel increases in the service level commitments and funding levels for CAF-BLS/HCLS recipients. WTA believes that the Commission’s high-cost USF programs and the new federal broadband grant programs should be treated as complements to each other.

A representative notice of ex parte for the meetings can be found here.