WTA Supports ACAM Coalition “Enhanced ACAM” Proposal

Today, WTA responded to the FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) seeking comment on the ACAM Broadband Coalition proposal to modify the existing Alternative Connect America Model (ACAM) mechanisms to offer an additional voluntary Enhanced ACAM option.  The Coalition proposes to allow participants in the ACAM I and ACAM II programs to elect to increase their present ACAM service level commitments to 100/20 Mbps or higher speeds and to receive increased model-based support during a period that would extend beyond the current terms. WTA supports the Coalition’s proposal.

WTA also supports extending eligibility to opt into the Enhanced ACAM mechanism to all rate-of-return carriers and updating at an early pre-2024 date the service level obligations and funding levels of continuing CAF-BLS/HCLS recipients and align such obligations and deployment timetables with the Enhanced ACAM features adopted in they above NPRM.