WTA, ABC File Petition for Recon on USF Contributions Forbearance

On June 21, WTA joined the Affordable Broadband Campaign (ABC) in filing a Petition for Reconsideration of the FCC’s decision in the latest Open Internet proceeding to forbear from applying Universal Service Fund contributions to be assessed on broadband Internet access service to end users.

The Petition requests that the FCC not use its forbearance authority in this instance because: (1) the contribution mechanism is not stable or equitable; (2) the declining revenue base for contributions is hindering its ability to ensure that universal service is properly evolving to acknowledge the essential role that broadband has in our economy and therefore the criticality of ensuring access for low-income families; and (3) it could have referred the issue to the Universal Service Contribution Methodology docket and actually helped further inform the record. By reconsidering its forbearance decision in this proceeding, the FCC “can better promote its congressionally mandated universal service obligations and ensure that all consumers, including low-income consumers, can afford to access this essential service.”