Partnership with UNITEL expands WTA Member Benefits

Ancillary Benefit Program:
Since September 2011, WTA members have been benefiting from the ancillary benefits program offered in partnership with UNITEL.  The program was developed with flexible plan design, competitive pricing, and enhancing employee benefits.  Member and associate member premium savings have totaled approximately $270,000.  While no one company is the same, most member companies have been able to save premium dollars and enhance coverage.

Key Features:
• 3-year rate guarantee
• Preferred Pricing
• Enhanced long-term disability features including COBRA Medical Premium Reimbursement and Retirement Plan Supplement

HR Solutions Program:
Since 2017, WTA members have realized over $235,000 in value thru Live Consultations, Online HR and Safety Training Courses, Employee Handbooks, & HR Comply!!
➢ HR Live
o Access to state specific certified HR experts
➢ HR Learn
o Over 200+ online training courses for your employees
➢ HR Comply
➢ Employee Hand Builder

WTA member companies receive 50% off the annual subscription fee for HR Solutions:

To learn more about these member benefits or to discuss how they might benefit your company, email Mike Reed or call him at 402.434.7248.