WTA’s Webinar Series Guidelines

The WTA Webinar Series is intended to provide additional educational value to WTA’s membership. WTA’s Associate Membership will assist in providing the topics, speakers, and webinar platform.
The WTA Webinar Series Guidelines are as follows:

8 weeks before the Webinar:
Please submit Webinar title/paragraph about the webinar, speaker bio, company logo and webinar platform/registration information.

6 weeks before the Webinar:
WTA will advertise the upcoming webinar in conjunction with the last webinar if applicable.

3 weeks before the Webinar:
WTA to send out Webinar e-newsletter reminding membership that registration is available.

1 week before the Webinar:
WTA to send a Webinar e-newsletter to membership with a countdown to the webinar. Speaker to submit presentation to Taylor Myers. Presentation must include WTA webinar slides that will be provided to the submitter of the Webinar.

2 days before Webinar:
WTA to send 1 final e-newsletter. Please Provide a registration list to WTA, with participants names/company, etc.

Day after Webinar:
Provide a final registration list. If you would like your recorded webinar to be listed on our Members Only portion of our website. Please provide the recorded link to Taylor Myers and the recorded link will be listed on website for 30 days.

Additional Information:

» Non-members may participate; however, potential member information must be provided to WTA in order to contact the potential member and provide a warm welcome and intro to WTA.

» UNITEL and IDI Billing has a webinar platform available if needed.

» Marketing is a joint effort with WTA. Company must promote WTA. Can use social media, etc. to promote webinar.

» After the Webinar is complete, Associate Member may provide 1 mass promotion to attendees. WTA must see and approve any promotion piece prior to sending. Promotion piece needs to promote WTA.


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